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Our team consists of passionate young writers which are extremely focused to make a statement in the junk content filled industry.We publish content, generally articles, for people who are looking for tips for their next date.Be happy you have one more person to turn to that probably gets what your dates are thinking.Losing a love interest could mean you gain a wingman.The “friend zone” isn’t generally a place you want to find yourself when you’re interested in a guy, but there are way worse things in life, and it can actually be pretty awesome.Here’s why you should look on the bright side of keeping your relationship with him platonic: You get to have an amazing guy in your life.If you find out someone wants to be friends with you, don’t take that for granted.A lot of guys might run for the hills after a girl they don’t like makes a move on them.

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Meeting up with someone involved maps, local paper reviews of local restaurants and recommendations from your mates.

You no longer feel the need to dress up to impress him.

When we still think we have a chance with someone, we do everything to catch their attention.

If he keeps you around, then you get one more awesome person to hang out with (and vice versa, of course). Rejection can suck, but getting a clear idea of what his feelings are gives you freedom to start looking elsewhere.

There’s a great guy out there who will definitely want to take things to the next level, so keep your eyes peeled. A lot of us get lost in the dating game, so we need a friend as our sounding board.

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