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Grand-ma used to call to school and told them I have fever or so Told father that mother had gone to play chinese chess.. That is typical that you do not like colors that other people like. See, Japanese are cadgy people from my perspective. (secret) Pulled up good old memories Songs which I song when I was a small boy "Deep in the mountain in India, rolling like a snail".... I recently fully understood the meaning of this song. Hey, gran-ma, you cannot eat it, you know it Refused going to school because sleepy, and would like to play game and etc. It just only you are not happy if you do not like a color.

(A little, of course) Both in Japan and Taiwan, there is few good news. It has more functions compared to the former version. But, what if I feel a sense of happiness while you feel it differently? A man shouldn't be staying awake during sleeping hour. I suppose, thanks to beer, I am finally feeling sleepy.

However, that also means I will probably feel the same way too if I happen to see unusual things in my country. In other words, there is no such thing as good or bad. Then, 500 years later, if Japan occupies China or Korea or otherwise Taiwan, are people who were born in that place still considered as Japanese? Originally, these countries had flowed from the various places.

If I was born here 1000 years ago, i was a Japanese. What are the conditions that determine the type of people we are supposed to be?

They really must have used the last drop of their remaining life force to turn themselves into red or brown leaves. Instead of calling it a diary, maybe I should call it "journal which I write once in a long while". Mr TAKASHI YAMAZAKI is coming over after his meal..

Yet, when people with different thoughts and feelings look at the red leaves, they offer praises of their beauty. In the coldness of winter, red leaves that are scattered everywhere created the image of burning flames, letting one feel warmth, as if wearing a red piece of clothing.

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