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“As we became more popular, it was confusing to be accepted by the old guard of mainly white, heterosexual indie rock guys, because they wouldn’t necessarily speak out in support of us,” says Tegan.“We were in the scene but always on the periphery.”Being marginalized often (usually) goes hand in hand with being condescended to.They’re the perfect hosts, even though they’re the guests.An anecdote is told about Mickey— one of Sara’s two Internet-famous cats and the subject of copious amounts of fan art—who, the previous evening, had taken a flying leap from the deck of the Silverlake home Sara shares with her girlfriend, Stacy Reader.

A Snapchat tutorial is held, restaurant recommendations shared, and compliments dispensed about the makeup that’s being applied, the outfits that are being pulled and the photos that are being selected.Thanks to article “Meet Tegan and Sara, the Women Whose Haircuts You’ll Want Next Year,” the men’s monthly has taken a bullet train to fandom via fashion.This attention isn’t entirely new for the duo: years in indie rock circles led to recognition, though it wasn’t without its issues.The tale of the feline’s daredevil dive is met with dismay, but Sara is quick to reassure the worriers: “As long as cats right themselves when they’re falling, their legs take the impact upon landing.”It’s as good a metaphor, and jumping-off point (thank you, Mickey), as any.Casual listeners and dismissive music writers have tended to focus on the “novel” elements of the Quins’ biography—Canadian, identical twins, both queer—and left it at that.

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