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In 2009 he played a character in the Degrassi movie Degrassi Goes Hollywood. I saw a video on Youtube that showed Ashley saying that Michael Seater was her best friend and the love of her life! It shows them kissing (you can obviously tell that by the name of the video.Davis also performed in the opening and closing night of the Broadway musical, ‘Broadway Follies’.Although the musical was a flop, he was hired immediately and performed in the Broadway Musical, ‘Sugar Babies’.He came to attention in the United States during the 1980s. Michael spent most of his childhood in San Francisco. He lived a nomadic life as his parents used to move from one place to another and take him with them.He has performed for President Reagan, Queen Elizabeth, President George Bush and many more. The act that made him famous includes tricks such as juggling a machete, an egg, an ax, etc. Michael attended ‘Monte Vista High School’ and graduated in 1971.Davis performed as Carlo Zambini in his sixth and last performance on ‘Saturday Night Live’ on October 3, 1981, and made his debut on ‘Saturday Night Live’.He bought a typewriter so that he could write about his life but it was a problem.

Michael is not seen currently in performances so people have started questioning “What has happened to Michael? Michael’s hair color is grey and eye color is blue.When he left his high school, he rented a house for a month at the age of 19.In 1979, Davis performed on HBO’s ‘The Young Comedian’s Show’, which was his first major appearance in television.On July 10, 1990, Davis entertained President George Bush.On November 5, 1997, President George Bush was again entertained by Davis at the opening of the ‘Presidential Library’.

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