Who is johnny weir dating

At the time, his legal crisis manager told People:“He’s totally heartbroken.

Fearless about the opinion and criticism of people, Johnny Weir has lived his life on his own terms and conditions, and that has made him satisfied both personally and professionally.On January 2018, Johnny tweeted that he takes sexual orientation as simply as his sex or skin color and doesn’t feel him being a gay has changed anything in his life.Johnny was married to the law graduate Victor Voronov on December 30, 2011, at New York City Courthouse.Johnny, on his book ‘Welcome to My New World’, disclosed his sexuality as a gay and while conversing with People Magazine (2011) confessed that his sexuality has become an essence of his life.He said, In the same book, the skater shared that his parents have always been supportive towards him in the matter of sexuality.

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