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Justin met Selena in 2010 when he was dating Jasmine V.

For the first year they knew each other, they remained friends and Selena even said he was like a “little brother” to her.

After two breakups, Jasmine surely took 2 years for overcoming the fact. They first met in making a video and were seen together more often. Ameera Reign Eloise Hackett is reported to be the daughter of Ronnie and Jasmine., but they are together taking care of their child.

We hope Jasmine Villegas and beau Rare-rg get along happily.

Recent news of her pregnancy and children Ameera while kept in one side, she seems to be nearer with Ronnie Black; who is her ex-boyfriend and father of Ameera. Previously, Jasmine had romantic links with 3 people.

She was a single mother, but now also has found a father to her lovely baby daughter.https:// F8ov/With whom did Jasmine date in her past? The first boyfriend of Jasmine Villegas, known publicly, is Justin Bieber. Justin might be out of luck, as the relationship with Selena ended as well.

Justin was caught on photograph leaving STORY Nightclub in Miami just after 4 a.m. That fateful night was the night Justin was famously pulled over in a rented yellow Lamborghini for allegedly driving under the influence, drag racing, and driving with an expired Georgia driver’s license. They were off and on for awhile, but are officially over.In February 2010, Jasmine appeared in Justin’s music video for his song “Baby.” She played his love interest.They also kissed in the video, but the scene was later removed.In December 2016, he and Jasmine got engaged; but they later broke up. He performed at Scream Jam in San Francisco on June 27th, 2014 alongside Derek King.Jasmine Villegas, one known for both work and style; is surely able to date more than one person.

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