Who is ben chaplin dating

IF he was not exactly on the radar before, by yesterday morning actor Ben Chaplin was “every housewife’s guilty fantasy”.

Those are the very words he used to describe his charismatic character in the BBC’s sexually charged new Sunday night drama, Apple Tree Yard.

The dark-eyed, thick-browed, soulful-eyed actor also showed off his transatlantic appeal on stage after making his 2003 Broadway debut in "The Retreat from Moscow" and earning a Tony nomination in the process. Being an actor is well paid but it's a bit like being a circus traveler.Following theatre roles in "The Neighbour" (1993) and "Peaches" (1994), he earned winning reviews and an Olivier Award nomination for his compelling portrayal of Tom Wingfield opposite theatre legend Zoë Wanamaker in "The Glass Menagerie" on the London stage.Quite in demand by this time for films he appeared alongside Jennifer Jason Leigh and Albert Finney in Washington Square (1997), Agnieszka Holland version of the Henry James novel that had previously appeared on screen as The Heiress (1949) starring Montgomery Clift and winning Olivia de Havilland the Academy Award for Best Actress of 1949.Recent filming has included a prime role in yet another portrait of Dorian Gray (2009). There's no base except for where your friends and family are.Wherever I settle, I know I can't spend a lot of time there so I have to grab the bits of time that I have at home, when I can, and just enjoy them.

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