Who are the ikki twins dating

Recently, Tila Tequila claimed that she was heterosexual by stating that her time on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila was in her own words, being “gay for pay.” By this point, it should be clear that A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila was a bisexual-themed dating game show, meaning that there were both male and female participants for the show.

On the whole, the interview gave off an almost material feel on the part of Salsano.

However, Salsano has nonetheless had a significant effect on those reality TV shows as well as reality TV as a whole, seeing as how she has been a pivotal figure behind a number of well-known examples.

Reality TV being reality TV, it is perfectly understandable for interested individuals to wonder whether the two stars are actually ready to settle down or not.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the parent show was pretty fake, as shown by the whole controversy over whether Tila Tequila was actually bisexual or not.

Confusingly, Tila Tequila has claimed three different things at three different points.

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