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Paul begins to spend more time alone and his behavior becomes violent and unpredictable.

He writes dark, sinister poetry and even physically attacks his favorite cousin, Theresa.

Nevertheless, the family who is still living in the house knows how to deal with it now.

In the early 1970s, the Summerwind Mansion lies on the shores of West Bay Lake, Wisconsin.

Drawn to an abandoned home in Tucson, Arizona, Romie feels like she was always meant to be there.

The following is an episode listing of the television program A Haunting for the Discovery Channel, Destination America, and currently the TLC Network, with the original air dates for the episodes included.

In 1986, Ed and Karen Parker with their four children, Bobby, Paul, Connie, and Mark move into an old Connecticut home to be near the hospital where their teenage son, Paul receives cancer treatment.

Shortly after they moved in, they had several ghostly experiences that they call Ed and Lorraine Warren.

They get to know that their house is haunted by an inhuman spirit which controls multiple spirits.

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