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The islands are currently the subject of long term ecological research. Weather Bureau maintained a weather station on the southeast island, which was connected with the mainland by cable.Today, the Farallones are closed to the public, although birders and wildlife enthusiasts can approach them on whale watching boats and the sail-training vessel Seaward out of Sausalito. The results of the meteorological study were later published in a book on California's climate.

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He named them the Islands of Saint James because the day after his arrival was the feast day of St James the Great.

The name of St James is now applied to only one of the rocky islets of the North Farallones.

The islands were apparently first given their names of the “Farallones” (literally, “cliffs”) by Friar Antonio de la Ascencion, aboard the Spanish explorer Sebastián Vizcaíno's 1603 expedition. seven farallones close together." It is believed that probably for the next two centuries after their discovery, their rather ominous appearance, lying just off the entrance to San Francisco Bay, most likely caused the earlier mariners to prefer to skirt far to the west and offshore from the entrance to the bay, thus leading to the much later discovery of the San Francisco Bay by land over two centuries after the 1542 discovery of the islands.

Temperatures during those years never exceeded 90 °F (32 °C) or dropped to 32 °F (0 °C).

Years later, the National Weather Service provided some weather observations from the lighthouse on its local radio station.

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