W32time not updating

At the end of the day it’s the same Windows Service that corrects the clock.The difference between a more precise and accurate time on a domain joined machine and a workgroup machine generally fall into 3 changes that take place when a machine is joined to AD. The windows time service has tons of difference configurations and values that be configured via w32or directly through the registry.The few details that I try and take away from the output of these commands are: W32tm /query /configuration [/verbose] W32tm /dumpreg /subkey:parameters W32/config /syncfromflags: MANUAL /manualpeerlist:“0ntp.org,0x9 1ntp.org,0x9” W32/config /syncfromflags: DOMHIER As mentioned above, regardless of workgroup or domain joined, both use the Windows Time Service.By default, a workgroup computer will check/poll for time updates every 604,800 seconds (every 7 days).Wait for a while and when the job is completed, restart your Windows computer.Once you have done this, we can move forward to try to troubleshoot the Windows Time synchronization problem.There are several commands that I like to use to see what is going on with the Windows Time Service.

We have already seen how to change the Windows Internet Time Update Interval.

This is the top of the time food chain for every domain member. But the question you may have is, where does the PDC Emulator get its time from?

If the time on this computer goes out of sync with the real world, so with the rest of your domain members. Unfortunately, Microsoft has to make some assumptions about every environment.

The first DC that is installed will actually try and sync it’s time from time.

Time sync is still great to have in a workgroup but is generally less scrutinized if it’s out of sync by a few seconds, perhaps in some rare cases a few minutes.

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