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At least it seems a little more reasonable to me than the man who collected live crocodiles!In the past twenty years, a total of seven other projects have very kindly offered to house our collection within theirs…In 2007, we moved to Great Yarmouth when we were offered a large museum space in a wonderful Georgian setting, but sadly, after months of intensive preparatory work, the premises proved to be unsuitable because of problems with parking, disabled access and egress, fire regulations, legal wranglings, and differences of opinion between the residents and the local council about many things, including the previously-stipulated ground floor space, which was a matter of public record.At one time, the only way into the room was to climb on a stool, then up onto a piano, crawl along it, then along another one, and down onto a stool!I have spent my life achieving lots of things that people said were impossible, some of them are listed on this website, but for ten years, the big challenge was to find a way into a permanent home for this unique and irreplaceable collection, before I get too old to do it justice. We are a world centre for piano history, we deal with enquiries from around the world every day, and I find myself in the position of being the keeper and protector of a unique history collection, not just because it is my passion, or because of anything it can do for me.

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The next task is some restoration work on the pianos, many of them have been in store for years, but it is in areas like display costs that your donations are so vital.

More details on our blog…It’s a scruffy, dusty old barn, but here we can finally begin to display the collection, and use it to try to raise interest and funding for a proper permanent home, where all that history can continue to be available when I am gone.

Although it’s a work in progress, small groups of people can visit by appointment, there is very little display material yet.

Recently, we supplied a dozen items to a World War I display, and a friend was immensely impressed with what was, after all, a tiny fraction of our display material.

We also offer occasional lectures on piano history to Women’s Institutes, colleges, museums, schools, etc., and I am always impressed by the enthusiasm of so many people who want to learn more about pianos, and ask very searching questions.

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