We’ve written this post mostly to let you know that there’s no My SQL solution for converting to Title Case, obviously the PHP method is very simple and you might write better code than this.

As always, your mileage may vary, feel free to write us with any corrections and integrations!!

One minor suggestion, for PHP4 instead of calling mysql_query() yourself use: You are more than welcome to create both functions and share them here.

For this example, I’ve renamed Category as category and Subcategory as subcat.

The Lite version would make the app more accessible in areas where data access is limited and mobile app use is more costly, it added.

However, sometimes you will have to replace the original data source with a new one.

Tinder Lite is expected to be available on the Google Play Store in Vietnam in the “coming weeks,” before going on to other countries in the Southeast Asian region.

Information on possible future launches on other platforms like Apple’s Apple Store or Windows Phone’s Microsoft Store will be announced later, Kaye Tong, senior associate of public relations network MSLGROUP, told Vn Express International.

For example, let’s say you build a dashboard with an initial data source (in my case, Sample Superstore).

Then you decide that you need to replace the data source and for whatever reason (maybe a different person pulled the data this time, maybe the fields were renamed as part of a new policy, maybe you wore the wrong kind of socks that morning, whatever the case may be), some of the fields were renamed.

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