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Make sure you open these streams in binary mode, random parsing errors will occur if you don't when running in Windows.

#include "zeep/xml/document.hpp" using namespace std; using namespace zeep; ...

The performance of the parser is not optimal yet although it performs very decently.

If speed is critical and you really need that few percent saving you can choose to use expat as a parser instead.

You use it to export a C object's methods as SOAP actions.

The library generates a WSDL on-the-fly for the exported actions and it also has a REST style interface.

The XML part of libzeep consists of a validating parser, a DOM(-like) node implementation, an XPath search engine and a XML writer/formatter.

The validation works based on DOCTYPE definitions, XML schema support will be added in a later release.

You can access the wsdl by pointing your browser at: and to access e.g.

This tree shows all the elements defined in the DTD/XML Schema, their relationships and attributes.

Flat layout mode displays an alphabetical list of all of the elements defined in the DTD/Schema including their child elements and attributes.

To use libzeep, you have to edit the makefile and make sure the paths to your installation of boost libraries are correct. You can also cd into the tests directory and build the two test applications called xpath-test and parser-test.

For Windows users there's a VC solution file in the msvc directory.

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