Updating ps3 system

To get system updates you need to connect your Play Station to the internet.

After you download and install the update you will be able to play 3d movies and games on a 3D TV using your PS3.

You do not need online for the Sony PS3, but it has the ability to upgrade the PS3 system and it will update even a brand new system.

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You can only update the PS3 manually either by initiating it from the System Update menu in the XMB (via internet or from an insertable storage media), or responding to an update message when you login to your PSN account.

[QUOTE="jeff16950_demon"] Ok, I seem to have fixed the problem.

For anyone else with this problem, this is the solution Steps:1)Turn off ps3's main power with the switch from the back2)Turn it back on, and while it's turning on hold the front power button until the green light switched to red3) Once the front light turns red, go ahead and hit it one more time to turn it on normally What this does is it restarts the installation progress.

If you plan to buy a new PS3, the update will already be in place.

There is three ways to do this by a (1) Game that comes with the update, (2) a computer and playstations web site you can download the update to a thumbstick or sd card and put it into you ps3 and retrieve the update.

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