Updating my office

The Monthly Channel is the official up-to-date stable release of Office 365.This is where you want to be as someone that just wants to use the latest version of the Office software.Either way, they can definitely be more buggy than the Monthly Channel build.They also can contain changes and new features that haven’t been publicly documented yet or are changed again before the build is becoming the Monthly Channel build.Updates are being released monthly but these usually only contain fixes or changes that have been reported or requested by Volume License customers.Feature wise, it is even more behind than the Semi-annual Channel, especially when compared to features that depend on Office 365.One-time purchase installations are non-subscription based editions of Office 2016/2019 suites.These include Office Home & Student 2016/2019, Office Home & Business 2016/2019 and Office Professional 2016/2019 as well as the standalone applications of Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Publisher and Access.

For the Semi-annual Channel, these updates will not be combined with any additional changes or features unless required by the security update.The Semi-annual Channel will only receive 2 updates per year and will receive the updates with a delay as well.Before an update is released to the Semi-annual Channel, it is being held in the Semi-annual Channel (Targeted) for 4 months which itself is at least 2 months behind the Monthly Channel.This release is supported for 18 months after its release.Detailed information about the Semi-annual Channel can be found in the Tech Net article: Overview of update channels for Office 365 Pro Plus.

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