Updating meade

I recently received a new Audio Star controller from Meade loaded with A4S1 firmware.

I ran Audio Star updater and it "updated" it to A3S5 firmware.

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With the A4S1 firmware you could absolutely not download or retrieve anything via the Auto Star Updater!

By luck I managed to get it to “update” to A3S5 firmware, although this is a lower version than A4S1 at least the ASU now identified it as a 497EP Audio Star.

updating meade-73updating meade-69updating meade-65updating meade-64

The ASU must still be used for "Advanced Functions" to move Library Objects to and from the Autostar (e.g. I have in the mean time learnt to load tours and other data successfully with two free apps, My Scope and Star Patch, The fact that My Scope can load tours onto the Audio Star 497EP without errors, means that it is possible for Meade to produce a App that can do the same. I searched for Star Patch and found that it costs US. I think if you going to use the Star Patch GPS you will need to register it.From the first 497EP back in 2010 this has been a problem which they simply denied but if they are going to continue to sell equipment with the Audio Star and don't want to commit fraud, by selling a product bundle that cannot do what they claim, they should release a fully functional updater for the Audio Star. I set it up to work with the and downloaded the tours that I have written to it, using the same computer combination and Auto Star updater : no problem! That the Auto Star updater can not even identify a Audio Star with A4S1 firmware let alone work with it!I am glad to see newer firmware than A3S5 but when are we going to see a Audio Star Updater update that can at least identify A4S1 and do the basics that Meade advertised it can ? For Star Patch there is a trail version available that would do everything you need.

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