Updating knob tube wiring

The average price to wire a single new receptacle is 0, but a large project like rewiring an entire house will make the per outlet price cheaper.

You can get more information about outlets and receptacles on our electrical receptacle cost guide.

Check with your electrician or the local building inspector’s office because you might not have to remove all the wiring if it is not active.

Part of replacing knob and tube wiring will be upgrading the receptacles and junction boxes in the walls.

The national average to remove and rewire knob and tube wiring is ,500 to ,000.

Since this is not new wiring, your contractor will need to estimate the cost to open walls and ceilings to rewire and repair, which could easily bring the expense to ,000 or more.

When rewiring an entire building, many access holes will need to be made, which must be replaced with sheetrock or other wall coverings, which increases the expense dramatically.

Learn more about the cost of installing new drywall and drywall repairs to get a better idea of the requirements and subsequent costs.

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