Updating from fedora 9 to fedora 10

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This technology allows the kernel to set the suitable graphics mode for the respective screen immediately after initialising the most important hardware components.

The kernel now also handles the screen resolution during operation, relieving the X Server of a large part of this task.

On a test system with an Asus P5N7A-VM (Ge Force 9300 chipset/m GPU), Fedora 10 took even longer: The code in the initrd idled for a full ten seconds waiting for all volumes to be detected before it slotted in the root partition and continued the boot process.

Internals Compared with other distributions, Cambridge uses a rather sparingly extended Linux version kernel.

The kernel developers plan to incorporate the KMS code with Linux 2.6.29, which makes KMS a likely component for other distributions in the near future.

Fedora 9 already supported KMS on an experimental basis with Intel graphics hardware.

Faster and smoother startup Although Fedora's main sponsor, Red Hat, generates a large part of its revenue with corporate server software, some of the Red Hat developers were entrusted with working on technologies that primarily benefit end users and desktop systems in Fedora 10.Apart from the improvements to the new version of the kernel and GNOME & co.often developed in co-operation with Fedora and Red Hat programmers, the Fedora developers have also incorporated numerous new features specific to Fedora 10.I am passionate about technology and its constant advances and learning about them all.Basically I'm an engineering graduate in electronics and communication engineering and also did MBA Systems. I love experimenting with new ideas and trying out my luck in selected domains to create my own icons!

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