Updating bios 790 ultra motherboard

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I booted Free DOS from Ultimate Boot CD and tried it anyway, but the updater just hangs the system with no output (I left it there for 20 minutes just to be sure it wasn't doing a slow silent update). (I am used to Windows-based flashers with my older mobo's which also allow you to save the old BIOS to a backup first, and were very simple to use). PPS: I tried the M-Flash menu in BIOS; it let me backup the current BIOS to a flash drive, saving it as M7576AMS.140.

Anyone else encountered this with updating an MSI board? But when I put the downloaded 4.0 image on the same drive, with the same filename format (M7576AMS.400), the M-Flash option to update the BIOS does not seem to see the Version 4 file. Imagine my complete surprise when I was rewarded with the expected BIOS checksum failure and was subsequently presented with the full BIOS config menu intact, was able to reconfigure everything and finally boot into Windows normally with a functioning system.

After the updated to 4.4, I'm able to use 4GB RAMs.

So thanks again for the help and hopefully some other people find this article and can solve their own problems with it.

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