Updating abit bios

Have a look here Only thing is if I leave it at default my board doesn't boot because it only gives the memory 1.8 or something and they need 2.1 volts.

You need to use just the 1 stick, then change the voltage, and it's happy.

As well as the DFI forum guide linked above to using a USB memory stick there's also How to boot an Abit board from a USB flash drive - Universal abit USA Forums All I need to do really is get it to drop me at the dos prompt, then I'm happy to go hunt the files down on my C: and do it from there.

Just seems faffy to do it with the usb memory stick, having to install a floppy disk boot image to it and so on. will get reset to defaults when you clear CMOS as part of the procedure but only if you are running something like RAID should that potentially be a problem.

Before I've always done it from windows, but it's my first time with an abit bios and although there's a utility, I noticed in the sticky it said in big capital letters, DO NOT USE THE WINDOWS UTILITY.

The guide on abits website is a bit confusing because the quality of English isn't brilliant - no offense to anyone just sometimes it's not very clear at all what it's telling you to do.

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