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Most of these people reside in Matanzas, Guantanamo, and the city of Havana territories.Creole is a pidgin dialect and is the second most used dialect in Cuba.The language was formulated due to necessity and also for business intentions.This, therefore, enabled people from Europe, the locals, and even slaves to converse in Creole.These changes were mostly as a result of the dismantling of the country’s western block.Cuba has now left its borders open to other countries.It is, however, important to note that Cuba ranks poorly on matters pertaining to economic and political freedom.

Discussions in parliament are carried out in Spanish and no law regarding the language rule has been documented in the country’s constitution or in the The Spanish Cuban people speak is similar to that spoken in other countries in Latin America.

Cuba also does very well on matters related to education and health.

The section below will, therefore, discuss some of the languages that are spoken in Cuba, their originality, division, and frequency.

As a result, foreign dialects such as English, Galician, French, Corsican and many more are being used especially in the tourism industry so as to ease communication amid Cubans and foreigners who are either tourists or investors. The dialect like all the other Caribbean languages shares various characteristics with nearby dialects.

Some of these features include seseo, /s/ debuccalization, and coda deletion.

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