Tinkerbell dating a boy fairy

Instead, she usually sets out to think of a clever idea to solve whatever crisis she faces.When you're facing a dilemma as Tinker Bell, just remember that you have the power to make things right.

She secretly experiments with some blue pixie dust, creating pink pixie dust; making things grow wildly out of control; which causes an accident in Pixie Hollow.

This deluxe costume includes clear shoulder straps that can be attached for extra support.

Tinker Bell doesn't tend to play the role of damsel in distress.

The fairies manage to retrieve the blue dust for a moment, but Zarina gets it back after throwing some multi colored pixie dust at them that switches their talents.

Tinker Bell is now a water fairy, Silvermist a fast-flying fairy, Fawn a light fairy, Iridessa a garden fairy, Rosetta an animal fairy, and Vidia a tinker fairy, much to her horror and disgust.

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