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(T-Mobile will also help pay off your satellite TV contract up to 0 if you want to switch over without dealing with termination fees.) However, T-Mobile does promise that its prices won’t increase over time — which is something even the modern-day internet TV providers like Sling TV, Direc TV Now, You Tube TV and others can’t say, as they’ve all rolled out price increases in the past year.

But those internet TV services still offer a better deal beyond lower prices — they also let you watch through their app wherever you are, not just inside the home.

This is something of a first for the dating app industry, which is today incentivized to keep users “playing” their matching games, and spending money on in-app subscriptions – not leave them.

It’s not in dating apps’ financial interest, at least, to create relationships (i.e., heavy user churn).

Users will be able to set up profiles, personalize their home screen and access their own DVR recordings separate from other household members.

Instead, Hinge uses collaborative filtering – people who like X also like Y – to help inform its matches on that front.

T-Mobile’s service, meanwhile, will include a companion app for i OS and Android for in-home streaming only.

When traveling, you’ll have to use the various channels’ standalone apps to access TV content, after authentication.

With a new feature called “We Met,” Hinge will ask users a few days after they shared their phone numbers if they went on a date, and, if so, if they’d want to see that person again.

This data will be used as a signal to inform Hinge’s algorithms and improve matches, if the user later returns to the app.

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