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Selena Gomez isn’t all THAT heartbroken over Justin Bieber‘s new leggy lady in crime Chantel Jeffries.In fact, Selena has already traded Justin in for a newer, younger model.He is very smart although he was home schooled because when he was in school kids made fun of him because he made lots of You Tube videos and when the kids saw them they thought they were silly.Selena Gomez is reportedly seeing Austin Mahone, an up and coming singer. Apparently Selena’s chronically single BFF Taylor Swift helped make the love connection.Then again, perhaps Taylor is turning over a new leaf.Her BFF Karlie Kloss did state yesterday that Taylor was too busy for boyfriends right now, and maybe she was telling the truth.

In fact, I would argue that garbage men do more to change the world than Selena Gomez.Why hasn’t anyone envisioned the possibility of Austin Mahone and Taylor Swift dating?Sure, she set Austin up with Selena Gomez once upon a time, but it’s been a long time since that ship has sailed.This quiz is to see how well you know Austin Mahone.Austin Mahone is a teen pop star who has meet a lot of influences like Pitbull , and Taylor Swift.

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