Spelman and morehouse dating

He said, “Yeah you all were our original sister school before quietly being replaced.Y’all have some beasty alumni tho.” First it’s alumnae not alumni.What’s the point anyway of having a sister school located nearly five hours away?That’s the story of how I realized I had no brother school a long time ago during that fateful trip to Morehouse’s homecoming, when I saw firsthand how my fellow Belles and campus queens were treated. In a similar situation in the dating world, this would be the point of realization that “he’s just not that in to you.” Let’s end this stupid tradition, because it’s totally one-sided, and should remain right where it already belongs—in the pages of history.It is also the place where I experienced one of my most memorable Mis(Adventures).During freshman orientation, I was fed stories of how Bennett College was the constitutionally-bound sister school of Morehouse College, the college for black men.Secondly, for a black man—or excuse me, a Morehouse Man—to refer to black women as beast-like—period—is unacceptable, and to refer to the alumnae of your supposed “sister school” as beast-like is heartbreaking.

Spelman holds the distinction of being America's oldest historically black college for women. Ranking: As a result of the dedication of its faculty and staff, Spelman College has gained an excellent national reputation and consistently high rankings in the media’s annual college guides. Women's Research and Resource Center: The first of its kind on a Black college campus devoted to curriculum in women's studies.

Instead, my fellow Belles and I made our own fun during this trip and had a great time with one another because we were literally all we had down there. A warm hug, let’s get to know each other, come sit with us, let’s dance, keep in touch, network, and actually include you in this thing called HBCU life because we will never get this opportunity again.

Now maybe we were looked at as “esteemed sisters” back when Lionel Richie was with the Commodores.

Allen, "a graduate of historically black Howard University, instituted a yearly spring trip to Atlanta where series writers visited two of the nation's leading black colleges, Morehouse and Spelman.

During these visits, ideas for several of the episodes emerged from meetings with students and faculty." "The Oprah Winfrey Show" Oprah Winfrey included a panel of seven women from Spelman College via satellite on her Hip Hop Town Hall show.

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