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The increased singleness in American society is a cultural and economic phenomenon characteristic of our society since the 1970s.Singleness needs to be viewed in this larger perspective so that we don’t individualize the issue unnecessarily and immediately fault ourselves for not having a marriage partner. With two thirds of African American children living in single parent homes, she aspires to break the cycle by increasing awareness on developing healthy and happy romantic relationships. Creating a website magazine about singles, dating, and relationships came from a desire to see the increase in marriages thrive, particularly in the African American community.” Especially if we are single beyond a particular age — whether 25, 30, 35 — singleness may dominate our worries and our friends’ or family’s conversations.After a certain age, though —40 or 45, maybe —people no longer dare mention it. Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Tatianah has always had a talent for writing, interviewing, and various expressions of creativity.

Let’s look at singleness in our society and consider some hurdles singles face.Today’s singles — especially women — have much more freedom than in earlier generations. She was born in an era when there were few singles past their mid-20s, and women were particularly protected.Ginger, a Christian woman in her mid-30s, describes her mother’s views: “Mom periodically writes me to suggest that I not venture out at night alone, even though I live in a quiet, safe suburb.Singleness, of course, is not an embarrassment, nor necessarily God’s “second best.” Indeed, for some, marriage may be “second best.” Singleness should not be viewed as a “holding stage,” even for those who would like to get married, nor should it be seen as some sort of “default mode” for those who choose not to seek a marriage partner.If we think about fellow Christians who feel called to serve God without a marriage partner for the duration of their life, is it appropriate to wonder if God — in calling them to life as a single person—is ignoring their best interests? Singleness should be thought of not as a problem, but as a type of living with its own advantages and disadvantages, its own opportunities for service to God.

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