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If you’re one of the many introverts hoping women will make any indication of the first move, you better hope you get lucky.

I’m just here to tell you I’ve observed how things flow for me for years and 9.9 times out of 10, if I enter a yoga class, dance class, fitness class, health event, convention, or anything else with women, they rarely talk to me first, let alone show any signs of interest.

And any sane man will be affected negatively by dozens of repeated rejections.

While some dating coaches claim you will develop a tough skin around this eventually, it may be a traumatizing thing you can do to a shy introvert that lasts in their psychology forever.

Start by conditioning yourself to talk to random strangers, whether men or women.

By striking up conversations with people in public, you’ll be putting yourself in a position to meet others naturally.

They don’t have to because there is usually an abundance of men asking them.

Fear of rejection holds many of us back, especially when we tie our self-worth in some way to the rejection. Ask just The idea of complimenting strangers walking in public and asking them out on dates crippled me.

A deeply moving documentary can be a really interesting watch if you sit down and get into the thick it.

And almost all the guys I know have had similar experiences.

Perhaps, it’s the fact that I’m Asian American and therefore, not seen sexually or just average, but I’ve wasted over half a decade on the sideline.

A quieter but calmer friend then moved in in her place, and instead of feeling constantly wound up, I felt soothed and relaxed. The harder something is to obtain, the more you appreciate it. Shy girls are less prone to mess around or take relationships for granted.

They don’t make everything about ; they can be equally happy making others happy, and actually appreciate it when other people make the effort to make them happy too.

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