Furthermore, the vast majority of academic literature on sex work focuses on prostitution, and to a lesser extent, exotic dancing; there is little research on other forms of sex work.These findings cannot necessarily be generalized to other forms of sex work.This act was created to address the trafficking of young, European girls who were thought to have been kidnapped and transported to the United States to work in brothels, but criminalized those participating in consensual sex work.Subsequently, at the start of the First World War, a Navy decree forced the closure of sex-related businesses in close proximity to military bases.

The criminalization of exposing others to AIDS significantly impacted sex workers.25 types of sex work were identified in order to create a more systematic understanding of sex work as a whole.Prostitution varies by forms and social contexts including different types of direct and indirect prostitution.Despite its prevalence, attitudes towards prostitutes were negative and many times hostile.Although the law did not directly address prostitution at this time, law enforcement often targeted prostitutes.

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