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The of this area is the stunning Portinho da Arrábida with azure waters and a 17th-century fort. First of all, the road along the coast is one-way which means you always need to start your journey in the city of Setúbal to get there. Since 2018, parking can only be done until Praia da Figueirinha (paid).Personally, I’d rather endure a 20-min hike and reach Praia dos Coelhos to a more off the beaten track experience in direct contact with nature. Especially in summer weekends, this can be a nightmare.Oh and 15km of the wildest beaches you’ll find in Europe.It’s the perfect pitstop to disconnect and step into a new state of mind for the rest of your trip. Food See, Portugal has million of tourists but the overwhelming majority is heading to Porto, Lisbon and Algarve, neglecting the rest of the country.While it’s starting to get a lot of hype, it’s still overshadowed by Algarve and generally overlooked by foreign tourists.The Royal family of Monaco, who comes here every summer, appears to agree.

I’m now delighted to share with you my guide for a road trip in southwest coast of Portugal.

Try Praia de São Torpes – popular amongst surfers – or Praia da Ilha – with a great view for the small Pessegueiro islet.

Zambujeira do Mar is not particularly exciting as a town. Apart from the MEO Sudoeste summer festival happening each August (had a great time there partying my ass off at the sound of Calvin Harris! However, it’s a VERY interesting strategic point to spend a few days.

This is a non-pretentious guide for a Portugal road trip along the coastline. Not rushing things, enjoying the moment and investing deeply in getting to know a country.

This will allow you to drive along one of the wildest areas and most idyllic landscapes of Portugal. It’s funny how all the conversations I have about my home country with foreigners follow a trend. Costa Vicentina sits on the southwestern coast of the country, belonging to the Alentejo region.

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