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Of course, the problem is that, in a fantasy, the participants are fantasy figures.

In life, they are real women with their own desires, taboos, fears, upbringing and fantasies..the right to freely choose whether they want to share someone else's.

If you're someone who enjoys watching wrestling or if you're a wrestler yourself, then Wrestling Singles was created just for you!

Here you'll find a ton of single women and men--all of whom love wrestling.

But based on my own experience and that of many women I know, I can offer some general thoughts on the topic and that's what this page is about.

Rules Let's say you're an avid female combat fan and you think the woman in your life might actually wrestle at some point.

She has seen your eyes when a fighting scene comes on the television.

There are three rules in my book: honesty, sensitivity and support. I can e-mail you your activation code if you didn't receive it.For a man who is into watching women fight, this fantasizing is natural, logical and worthy of encouragement -- after all, at its best, it represents a desire to involve the woman they love in the activity they fantasize about.My gut reaction to the email questions is that everything depends on the quality, character and background of your relationship.I cannot offer generalized advice -- that would be highly irresponsible.

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