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These days (especially with the whole "Fifty Shades" phenomena) it's practically main stream.

But yes there are outside it the "Kink Community" who pretty much do this type of play exclusively and aren't necessarily swingers.

I do value the chats that I have with other members from the western and southern states, but it is so hard to find a topic to talk about in detail besides sports, the weather, or the economy. Please RSVP to this post a reply to the party announcement on the Jacksonville Seductions Group page, or send me an email, if you would like to attend. I will send you an email on Swingular on the 19th with more details.

Most people dont come in here to chat about how cold it is outside. Augustine on April 21st - Happy Hour get together and post-party Orgy - We are planning a little get together for Jacksonville and Daytona Swingers to meet with each other on Friday April 21st in the S. If you would like to bring a guest (or guests), just let me know via email, or by posting.

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I look forward to meeting you all for some drinks, conversation and some great sex. - - We know a couple in which the husband is exceptionally well hung and as a guy you might wonder if you'd be "enough" for the wife if you aren't hung like him. Sexually speaking, I don't think any age above 18 is off-limits. Let's face it, everyone has something that they're turned on or off by. But I doubt many people outside the lifestyle would want much to do with a group of people who fuck each others spouses recreationally regardless of how generous and charitable we are. - My worst nightmare involves spiders and rollercoasters.

But my wife put it well: "If it was all about size then why are the swinging since only about 1% of the men they meet would be bigger than her husband? My wife put the part in our profile about not caring what size dick a guy has, that if there is chemistry whatever size it is will be just fine. Here's some results from polls on The Swingers Board that may shed some light on this subject. Are there couples here that you would consider too old? However, not everyone is in the lifestyle just for sex alone. Remember, most vanillas find everything about us no less than absolutely disgusting. Not really much to do with swingers and/or my parents.

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