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Should investigation disclose any willful misstatement, falsification, omission or concealment with respect to an application: Satisfactorily completed the in-service training program for police officers as required by state law or regulation, be eligible for a waiver of the training, or be able to comply with requirements within one year of appointment to the position; Received at least a grade of "satisfactory" on the latest service ratings, providing that an evaluation of the experience, training, general background and such other records of performance of the applicant, at the discretion of the Commission, may be substituted for the service requirement.

All candidates shall have a degree in Police Science or related field, or an equivalent to such degree in experience, training and understanding of managerial techniques, sufficient to supplement command experience. Each candidate for the Chief position may be subject to a complete background investigation to ascertain the character, qualifications and the managerial potential of each candidate.

The submission to the Borough Council of names taken from the eligible list developed by the Civil Service Commission or any authorized agent, including but not limited to the Dauphin County Chiefs of Police Association, Inc.

A written description of a class containing the class title, a general statement of the duties and responsibilities, essential job functions and/or examples of the typical duties performed and minimum qualification requirement(s).

Upon appointment, each applicant shall be medically fit for the performance of the duties of a police officer with or without reasonable accommodation, of good moral character without felony convictions, guilty pleas or no contest pleas, and licensed to operate a motor vehicle in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and legally entitled to work in the United States.

In the case of a foreign-born applicant, evidence satisfactory to the Commission, which fulfills I-9 requirements, shall be produced showing the person to be a naturalized citizen.

Any applicant requiring a reasonable accommodation for testing shall make such request at the time the application form is returned. At the date of actual application, no applicant for any position in the Police Department shall be less then 18 years of age.

The Commission shall have the discretion to determine whether meetings shall be open to the public, when not specifically regulated by law, including but not limited to the Sunshine Act,[1] or these rules. A quorum shall consist of two members and all actions of the Commission shall have the concurrence of at least two members.Each member shall vote on each issue that comes before the Commission, except as provided by § A265-11E. When circumstances arise which require the Commission to retain a solicitor, the Commission shall request Borough Council to authorize the funds to do so.The selection of the solicitor shall be the sole choice of the Commission. No person shall be admitted to an examination for a position in the Police Department of the Borough until after having filed, on the official form prescribed by the Commission, or its authorized agent, a sworn application giving such information as the Commission, or its authorized agent, may require.The Assistant Borough Manager shall assist the Commission Secretary in the performance of these duties. Except for the biennial organization meeting, all meetings shall be held either at the call of the Chairperson or at the call of two members of the Commission.At least 24 hours' written notice of such meetings shall be given each member.

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