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The CSE Institute is pleased to see authorities in Northampton County acknowledging that the alleged actions of Mull are indeed a form of trafficking, and should be prosecuted as such.

Trafficking is often portrayed with narratives about young girls being snatched off the street and chained in basements, like in the popular film, “Taken”.

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It's like going through puberty again, which for a trans woman is the worst thing ever. In my everyday life when I'm having sex with my partners we're not having this, "Oh my god, you're trans! Morgan: When you start living authentically as yourself, you're transitioning. I think it's harder to be trans than it is to be in porn. Foxxy: Sadly it shouldn't have taken Caitlyn Jenner to make a difference for anybody, because there are plenty of transgender women who have done many positive things for us and our community.

Bethlehem Police Captain Anthony Leardi said investigators have ruminated that Mull also allegedly lived off some of his victims, actively persuading them to support him with money from their personal bank accounts, and by providing him with lodging and food.

Mull allegedly presented his victims with “sex slave contracts” and referred to them as his property, according to District Attorney John Morganelli.

The media’s coverage of the incident prompted several more women to contact detectives and report similar assaults, along with allegations that Mull also forced them to take part in the filming of pornographic videos and were forced into sex trafficking.

Mull is already subject to rape charges in Philadelphia County, which according to also transpired from Mull luring a woman to a hotel where he later assaulted her.

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