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The users seen in the “nearby list” are those who have enabled We Chat nearby function on their phone, and hence are supposedly available for a social text interactions or beyond.

However, owing to the language and culture barriers, not everyone might be comfortable interacting foreigners. Once you enable the nearby feature, you’ll see a list of contacts along with their physical distances from you.

Alright, now is the time to dig a new issue that I have often seen in China – a woman outrightly asking a guy- hey, how old are you?

This happened to me only once and I think, in general, We Chat algorithm hardly cares about the duplicate messages.

Once you send a greeting to a person, he/she will receive a We Chat friend request from you (along with the greeting message).

” – a question that was never ever even asked by my current supervisor.

Anyways, I calmly replied, “I earlier worked more than two years with a company and felt academic would be more suitable for me”.

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