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Also, I feel its time for me to put this on my profile..

I’m not single any more but went on a LOT of dates so was still blogging them up until late 2015.

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I’m an unreliable narrator, yes, but I’m all you’ve got.His rationalization for creating TRP was that he wanted to share “mating strategies” with his fellow misogynists.(If you’re wondering, the quote he was referring to specifically was this: In an emailed statement to WMUR, a New Hampshire news outlet, he further hinted that a false rape accusation had spurred him “to try to seek out support” by going full MRA.Then he blamed “a bad breakup” for the “injudicious things” he’d written about.Iran is among the more strictly governed countries in the world and with 99.4% of the population being Muslim their views on sex and pornography are quite conservative.There's still quite a bit of Iranian porn made available through amateurs filming their illicit penetrations and sharing them.

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