Radioactive dating worksheet middle school

Scientists measure both and they can determine how much carbon-14 was initially in an object and exactly how much has decayed.The older something is, the less carbon-14 will still be present in that something!Have you ever seen an ancient ruin and wondered how old it is?In this lesson, you will learn about how scientists estimate the age of things when they are not sure using predictable decay rates.This process works for best for organic materials, anything that is (or was) alive.

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Imagine that you had a box of chocolates, and you ate one half of them every hour. Then after another hour, you would have a quarter of the box left.

Since they know exactly how fast one type of thing changes into another, they can figure out exactly how old things are based on the tiny atoms inside of them!

You may have heard of 'radioactive materials.' They can be dangerous, but many things are only a tiny bit radioactive.

They constantly emit small amounts of radiation, and when they do this, they decay.

Assigning an age to things like bones or manuscripts is incredibly important because it helps us understand where we have been and where we are headed.

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