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I have had one lesbian relationship with my best friend which I can never forget and my heart still hasn’t mended. You just don’t know how to break free from your inertia and do it. All I can tell you is that you’ll have to be brave, and you’ll have to believe that the life you could have is better than the one you’ve accepted.

Lesbians, sorry to stereotype, BUT IT’S EXTREMELY TRUE, fucking love talking about their feelings.You are very honest with yourself: You regret the choice to get married.The thing is, you make that same choice again every day you stay.You’re right that I get a lot of letters like this, but yours stands out for one reason. You’re not trying to sell me on your husband’s virtues, or the benefits of your married life.I don’t hear you trying to talk yourself into being happy.

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    In real life, Rohit is a very good actor and I love observing him. I always have to make the effort to call him and ask him to meet and catch up. I felt like playing something wild, or a negative character, but I soon snapped out of it. The only thing I know is that the show is not doing well and is on the rocks currently.