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That function is not running in a separate thread it is running on the main event loop and the main event loop waits to run until you exit that function.Update progress sleeps for 1 second and keeps looping. What's the big deal with that and what does it have to do with my slots and signals you may ask? Direct call method this instance's thread affinity (the thread it belongs to) is the same thread where you have created it in.## ## dump Thread() method has been designed for working thread seperate from GUI. One thing I have noticed is that Python threads are greedy if they are not used for IO operations like reading from a serial port. I've noticed that if you emit a signal from a thread and do it very fast it can drastically slow down a program.

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They all focus on the issue of threads & where the program actually updates the window.

The hanging is coming from staying in this function.

def update Progress Bar(self, max Val): for i in range(max Val): progress Value(progress Bar.value() 1) time.sleep(1) max Val = max Val - 1 if max Val == 0: progress Value(100) class progress Thread(QThread): progress_update = Qt Core.

Hi All, I am facing one issue related to the QProgress Bar. The problem is that QLabel is updated everytime but there is no effect on QProgress Bar.

From one outside thread, i am emitting one signal which calls a slot of the Main program (GUI Main Thread) that in turns update both the QLabel and QProgress Bar.

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