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Yet we find that different methods can yield radically different results.As explains: “Several methods have been devised for estimating the age of the earth and its layers of rocks.” (Stephen Austin, “Excess Argon within Mineral Concentrates from the New Dacite Lava Dome at Mount St. Many people assume that the dates scientists quote of millions of years are as reliable as our knowledge of the structure of the atom or nuclear power.These ‘ages’ are, of course, preposterous [since we know the rock formed recently]. Such examples serve to illustrate the fallibility of the dating methods on which many modern scientists rely so heavily.The fundamental dating assumption (‘no radiogenic argon was present when the rock formed’) is questioned by these data. Helens dacite argue that significant ‘excess argon’ was present when the lava solidified in 1986 … Helens dacite causes the more fundamental question to be asked—how accurate are K-Ar ‘ages’ from the many other phenocryst-containing lava flows worldwide? Picture a swimmer competing in a 1,500 metre race and an observer with an accurate wristwatch.We note that at the instant the swimmer touches the end of the pool our wristwatch reads and 53 seconds.

As long as the production rate remains constant, the radioactivity of natural carbon remains constant because [the] rate of production balances the rate of decay.

One of the most popular dating methods, carbon-14 (14C), is used for dating plant or animal remains.

The book explains the basis for this method: “Radiocarbon is continuously created in the atmosphere through bombardment of nitrogen-14 (14N) by neutrons created by cosmic radiation.

The remains of a woman found below a layered platform at a site called Cuello in northern Belize had been thought to be more than 4,000 years old …

As a result of new dating methods, about a thousand years have been trimmed from the chronology.

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