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This is when a man gets off on the idea that they are having unprotected sex with the woman and she could become pregnant, it can even go so far as involving the woman begging for pregnancy or “larger loads” so the likelihood of her pregnancy is higher. If you feel your pregnancy will be impacted by your camming or do not want to sexualize it, be warned!

This once again comes back to instinct, men want to knock things up naturally. So how do you incorporate the pregnancy fetish into camming? Pregnancy Skype shows and clips are high value items since a pregnancy only lasts 9 months. Guys are into it and may ask for it, so prepare to reject them or take some time off!

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The pregnancy fetish is a kink that is becoming more popular among the cam community, and some of us girls have one question… Well after some dedicated research I am ready to explain to you why pregnancy is so appealing to men.

There are many different aspects of the pregnancy fetish that appeal to men, they can be interested in the lactation, the actual body size and shape due to the pregnancy, the idea of the impregnation, or even just the way a woman acts when she is pregnant such as hormonal changes and bloat.

Learn More: Fetish Information and How-To’s Aerie is a cam girl, content creator, and journalist with 3 years of experience in the adult industry.

While well versed in most things adult related, she is particularly keen on social media, fetishes, and domination.

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