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Enter these values yourself or have them partially calculated for you using the ‘calc totals‘ button.Totals comprise: There are two buttons available on this panel – calc taxes and calc totals.It’s also possible to add additional fees for items.Select Add Fee and enter fee name, tax status and amount: To add custom meta fields, use the Custom Fields metabox: Order Totals stores totals and tax for the order.

The value of the profile option INV: Capable to Promise determines if ATP results are based upon collected data or planned data.

Orders will appear on the Orders screen like this: On an individual order, data is updated like this: Accounts & Privacy, in the Account erasure requests section and the Personal data retention section: If enabled, this cleanup will run via a daily cron job.

Inactive accounts are tracked using meta data, and only subscribers/customer accounts are removed.

Starting with it is possible to remove customer data.

On the Orders screen, under Bulk Actions there is a “Remove personal data” option that will remove the data for the orders selected: Please note, that once you press Apply this will remove personal data with no further warning.

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