Phpbb overallheader not updating

I was wondering if it is possible to display the standard link to the post. the one that is usually the post-id shown on the left or right corner of the post so users can click this and select the post whilst doing it (e.g.

With VMware 2.5.x and RHEL4 you need to go into the MUI under Advanced Options and set "Misc.

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I am doing a game of the year poll on my site and it's not going to well as you can imagine since every time some one votes we get the: "The submitted form was invalid. Is there anyway I can try to just replace a single file for the poll that will make the poll work again? Also there is no option to attach a file in a post.I honestly do not want to start over from the updated version as it will take way to much time (updating the style is not like updating the phpbb version right? 45&start=0Anyone know why i wouldn't be able to send PM's with Aeroblue? With the style version 1.3.4 (subsilver2) I get the Form error. Hi all, Not sure if this has been asked before as this is a long topic, but if so I apologize.I have to start from scratch and some how implement my changes again? I'm using aeroblue on PHPBB 3.0.6 at present for my forum. Therapists listed here are professionally trained, hold degrees, and are licensed to help you.This Monaco webcam is not a live video streaming camera Nassau Cruise Ships Port Weather Webcam New Providence Island Bahamas, Nassau Cruise Ships Port Cam - City of Nassau - New Providence Island - Bahamas View the live Bahamas weather by watching this live streaming Nassau Cruise Ships Port weather webcam at the city of Nassau on the New Providence Island in the Bahamas Watch LIVE Cruise Ships arriving and leaving the busy Nassau Cruise Ships Port in the Bahamas on this Nassau weather cam New York City Live Mahattan Skyline Webcam View New York, New York Skyline Cam - New York City - New York This live HD streaming New York webcam shows a live stunning HD camera view of the world famous iconic New York Skyline and the busy Hudson River.

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