Petroleum gasoline age dating laboratory

History class The timeline and history of a property can be just as important to a claim as the identification of subsurface soil and groundwater impact.

How long has the property been owned by your insured?

A well-detailed account of events can support your analysis of a claim and be useful in both a forensic setting and in later cost recovery actions.

What if there are multiple hazards occurring at the same property?

Has a chemical release impacted wells supplying a public water system?

On several occasions we have observed chemicals impacting not only environmental media (soils and water), but building materials like friable and non-friable asbestos-containing materials.

The majority of an iceberg’s mass lies below the water’s surface.

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The use of an environmental consultant to collect evidence, follow chain of custody procedures and generate a comprehensive report will undoubtedly provide a significant benefit when the time comes.

In summary, pollution-based claims don’t need to be so complex. Taylor is an environmental consultant with 15 years of experience.

If you bring an environmental consultant to the table, you will get the guidance and value that you and your clients are looking for.

In this case not only is there a chemical release, but during the remedial activities an asbestos abatement may have occurred.

Now you must plan not only for the remediation, but for an abatement to protect worker safety and public health.

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