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Like most home broadband routers, the administration screens of Belkin routers are password-protected.

Default credentials are set on routers at the factory.

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If the power light blinks in a neverending way, the 30/30/30 reset has no effect.

If you leave them as is, anyone on the network can make changes to the router by entering the default username and password.

The easiest way to get the default username and password back is to reset the router to its factory default settings through a hard reset.

3CDDaemon Note that if you already have DD-WRT installed and working, and you are on this page because you want to revert to the router firmware, you need to break DD-WRT first! SEE THE FIRST LINE IN CAPS ABOVE FOR BETTER SAFER METHODS.

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Some Belkin routers use admin as the username, while others may use Admin (with an uppercase A).A hard reset means resetting the router using the physical Reset button on the outside of the router (usually on the back, next to the internet ports).Hold the Reset button for approximately 15 seconds to force the router to restore itself to its default condition, which reinstates the default password and username combination.Finally, you may want to use a network scanner to scan your network (smaller networks) just to be sure that your router was not assigned another IP.Power the router on with a continuous ping running in a command window: The -w 2 parameter forces a lower timeout for the ping answer, this makes easier to get an answer from the bricked router.

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