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I'm in the early stages of dating with a really great guy!We met online and chatted for a bit & then he went out of town for a few weeks so I assumed I'd just never here from him again.

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Game theory suggests a tic for tac or a tic for 2 tacs (one off 2nd chance) is the optimal strategy for dealing with people. It doesn't matter what his past relationships have been like it's up to you to set standards from the start.

You're doing all the work, you need him to put effort in aswell otherwise how could you possibly know he cares lol you could be any girl as far as he's concerned As others have stated, I wouldn't have a "I need more communication" talk with's too early.

I really like him & would like to see him more than once a week.

And really, I would like him to WANT to see me more than once a week, or give the impression that he wants to see me at all lol.

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