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Though modeling paid the bills and allowed Jason the opportunity to travel extensively, he admits that becoming an actor was never far from his thoughts.

Within a few years of committing to an acting career, Thompson amassed various television, film and theatre credits.

Patrick Drake on the ABC soap opera General Hospital.

Since playboy Patrick Drake's first appearance on the show, he has flirted with various women (many who work at the hospital call him Dr.

He has had lead roles in such plays such as The Academy, More Than You and Jakob.

In one storyline, Patrick donated a part of his liver to save his father's life.Is it possible that was not correct, and Thompson will be staying longer than anticipated?It looks like fans will have to tune to the ABC soap opera to find out when his last air date is.On April 1, 2015, Thompson also portrayed original GH character Steve Hardy in a flashback for the show's 52nd anniversary.He was discovered at 16 working at a restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta by model scout Kelly Streit of mode models.

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