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ty and restraint on both sides, one can find ways to norma¬ lize relations.” officials hi the Vance party said during the flight. y Attorney-General Garde Gardom attributes the de¬ crease partly to Operation Counter-Attack, a program implemented May 30 which includes Increas^ weekend roadblocks and public infor¬ mation campaigns. and im¬ paired driving charges by Vancouver police are down 10 per cent so far this year from the same period last year. *T’m committed to Oi^era- t i o n Counter-Attack, but there’s a danger attrilaiting statistics too early," he said. Nurses said they were amazed at the speed cl reco^'' ery. James Mc Kay, president of the Alberta Hall and Crop Insurance Corpora- iicn, predicted this week. Koran’s severe laws chop crime TEHRAN ‘Reuter) — A trend is growing in the Isla¬ mic world toward tightening morality and discouraging crime by the rcinlorcement ot the . Despite periods of scattered ram during the last month, drought continues to afflict Alberta’s dr-land farmers in the region east and south ol Calgary. in ‘biggest’ quake Rider hangs in there —Colon Fst photo by Altx e«rt* Rodeo came to Luxton faii'grounds in Melhchosin Satui-day, under Royal Oak Lions Club sponsor¬ ship, and SPCA inspectors found it met tlieir standai-ds. Hei'e Gordie Madill of Port Albemi keeps balance in steer-riding event. said the directors agi’eed Ifihat Uie 1972 appeal of tlie vagrancy law-s liava rendered pi lice powerless to deal with loitering and begging. 63 Names in the News 21 Reporters Notebook 27 HUm (tounnet 33 bltorls lo-’ie Stamp Packet 31 T ravel 22, 23 )’our Good Health 35 may have earned away many residents who lived along the shores of Sumbaw'a. 209 —119th Year VICTOKIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, SUNDAY, AUGUST 21, 1977 5;:s|« 15c Daily, 30c Sunday Island bush flights anger parks officials C4ns4ifln frt M The federal paries service is trying to stop a Victoria air¬ line comfwny trom tourists into wilderness forest land de&tinod to become part of Vancouver Island's Pacific Rim naticmal park. The governor said she want¬ ed “to eniphasize that the critical time continues. Parks officials say the tourists are using a trail re¬ cently cut through bush that should be left as wilderness, and that the thghis would dis¬ turb wildlife But Cougar Air. plus Phase-Lock-Loop frequency system for all 40 channels. digital readout plus a host of other fine features. i »r ASSORTMENT OF KITCHEN GADGETS Choosa from packaga of 4 dish cloths, salt a pepper caddy, atain- was atael gratar, vinyl coverad aink rack, atalnlesa atael cheese •Hear with hardwood handle or nickle plated fry basket. I hope the word gets out that volun¬ tary curtailment is all we can da I want to ask for every¬ one’s help in praying for rain." ^oardner' . Dh^lomats said the Ethiopi¬ an regulsu* troops were pre¬ paring for a major counterat¬ tack agai OKt the rebels who staged a major rocket and mortar assault on Dire Sawa (our days ago and are now holed up in hideouts in the Ahmar mountains surround¬ ing the key rail centre. Newspaper reports said the quake damaged 20 houses, de¬ stroyed an office building, wrecked a Hindu temple and Injured a student on Bali, where a major quake in 1976 claimed about l. Earth tremoi*s from the area w^re recorded by seis- Deaths halved mologists around the world and registered between seven and 8.9 on the Richter scale. Austria, where scientists said it w*as one of the strongest quakes in re- coixled history. In a commentary on official Mogadishu radio Saturday. “Clearly these contacts and the process toward nofmaliza- tion of relations are in our In¬ terest." one high U. In Adelaide, today, an earth tremor jolted residents from their sleep but there w-ere no reports of injuries or dam¬ age. and in June, tlie first month of Gardom's program, the figure dropped by almost 50 per cent. New light on tonsil removals TORONTO (CP) — A Toronto surgeon has removed the tonsils of four patients using a.

Zia-ul-haq after he overthrew civilian Prime Min¬ ister Zu Uikr.r AJi Bhiilto in a coup in early July. Pakistan is the first non- Arab Asian country to in¬ troduce hand amput^on and public floggings as punish¬ ments for criminals. di8iensed by re¬ ligious leaders in special courts, is mainly for Mos¬ lems. Mc Kay said an anticipated high number of drought claims will make this a “bad loss year.^ Reap Vecia Ust system, Richard .\ey. “During 1976 we saw the specialists dis¬ tributing shares all through the year, at around the 1,000 level, and cleaning out their inventory. 13 cents, class B, 10.2 cents, both pavaoie Sent, 30; record Sapt. You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.Zia also directed lliat pub¬ lic whipping be introduced under Sharia law for a wide range of crimes. But in some Arab coun¬ tries non-Moslem fm'eigners have been punished under it. idfyhonez pour rendez-vous, JEAN FORTIER Monarch life Aaturance Co. The former Hollywood ac- t o r - tumed-financial-author. Ney says he has given uiib hope for reform and, instead, coun¬ sels investors. Then what they did was sell millions of shares short in anticipation of buying them back at lower levels. T n the United Arab Emirates, a foreigner, whose nationality was not disclosed, was sentenced in July to 10 lashes and his woman friend fined becauiie they were seen kissing on a beach. «aid the number erf poisonings had increased dramatically in rei:ent years, and the age of those consuming mushrotm« was dropping. 384-0584 Ret: 386-3956 i L Dividend cancelled TORONTO (CPI Fal- conbridge Nickel Mines Ltd. and more recently investment oounselor, has done more than any other person to rouse public suspicion of spe¬ cialists. But this doesn’t solve the problem ot filling their shelves — they do this by tak¬ ing advantage of panic sell¬ ing.

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