Online dating seperated

I went on some nice dates with women who didn't care about my situation. Honest and sincere about my feelings for everything in my situation, and they appreciated it. People are lonely and want to enjoy each other's company.I don't see why in a roommate situation honest people can't date.Recently seperated people hate hearing this but this is the truth in most cases. Some say you do not want to be the first person that this person winds up dating. She kept postponning signing the papers and kept making excuses when i would ask her about it.

When I was on Match, I saw that some people did not want to date people who were separated and said so in their profiles. I put separated but also stated (early) in my profile "Finalizing divorce, Ex has moved across country, no chance of reconciliation" and many people were fine with that because in this state, it takes a while to finalize a divorce. I tend not to look to hard at separated for two reasons.

As long as they aren't cohabiting I don't see it as a bug deal.

Divorce is a long, drawn out process so I think it's fairly normal for people to start dating again when they're separated. It can take a very, very long time to get out of a living situation (lived it).

Also if you are a women you have to watch out for this. I wouldnt recommend it but if you wish to travel that road you have to learn how to cut your ties immediately. After 17 mos or so of dating ( there were other issues mostly childhood related) my X told me she was not ready for dating after all...

No and Yes Divorce can take years, and usually does.

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