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She will never give enough time or try to help you to find the answer. I love the campus and the medical professors are amazing real life stories and excellent instructors they keep me focused and my attention is class is amazing.I was looking the school to go i fund berkely i am happy my councelor help me to choose what good for me in my academic year programs also available online it a gift of prayer thank you again my councelor. course work is a joke..i honestly felt like my resource science class in high school was harder than the classes i took here. Prof Rodrigue I miss you I need you back at our campus. Last Updated on August 13, 2018 at AM Originally published August 13, 2018 By Daniel Perez UTEP Communications One was a contrarian as an undergraduate while the other was a driven and meticulous learner at the same point in her life.The two became faculty members at The University of Texas at El Paso.should have walked away with 15k worth of education but instead walked away considering community college instead of continuing education here. Administration is rude, some professors are just bad, technology and facilities are out of date.

He said he also considers how some of his mentor colleagues would enhance that specific course.He earned his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Bristol and his Ph. in biology from Cancer Research UK, formerly known as Imperial Cancer Research Fund, in London, England.He worked in cancer research at the University of Toronto, Canada, before he took his first teaching job at UTEP in 2012.Since then she has held many titles and earned numerous state, community and University awards.She called working at UTEP “an amazing feeling” because she gets to spend the majority of her day collaborating with brilliant students, staff and faculty.

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